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Men's Group Therapy Sessions
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Southern Wake Counseling Center Monthly Men's Group

Are you a man who’s struggling to balance family, relationships, work, and your health? You’re not alone. But sometimes that’s hard to tell since most men don’t talk about it (you’re not supposed to show weakness, right?) The Men’s Group at Southern Wake Counseling Center is a safe space where men can meet to trade stories, share their struggles, and be supported by each other in a confidential environment far from our romantic partners, bosses, kids, friends, and others with whom it might be hard to let our guard down. If you’re a man who could use some support, reserve your seat for our next meeting and join us. You’d be surprised how much we have in common and how helpful sharing your story and supporting others can be.

Led By Mychal Ostler, LMFT

Mychal Ostler, LMFTMeet Mychal Ostler, your Men’s Group meeting facilitator. Professionally, Mychal is an author, business owner, and Marriage and Family Therapist practicing at Southern Wake Counseling Center, who specializes in working with couples, families, and men of all ages. Personally, Mychal is a father, husband, pet owner, health enthusiast, history buff, beer connoisseur, and music fan. Mychal’s role during our Men’s Group meetings is to help all attendees feel heard and supported, offer mental health insights, and, when appropriate, challenge attendees for growth.

Reserve Your Seat Today!

Ready for that manly support that you’ve been missing? Great! We can’t wait to meet you. Pick your favorite session(s) below and reserve your seat here. Seating is limited, so be sure to book yours sooner than later. For more information about how booking and the meetings work, read our policy and procedures.

Meeting Schedule and Themes

Meetings will take place on the last Wednesday of every month, from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., at Southern Wake Counseling Center, 320 North Judd Parkway, Suite #200. At each meeting, we will focus on a different topic, all of which are listed below. Review and come prepared with talking points and questions!


Work and Career
Work can be a man’s most significant source of daily stress. But you’re not supposed to complain, right?  


Marriage and Relationships
Relationships are tough, whether they are with a romantic partner, friend, family member, or supervisor.


Being a dad is the most important project a man can take on. Ironically, there’s no instruction manual that comes with the baby! 


Physical Health
Getting in better shape and taking care of your body is always challenging, but doing so can produce positive impacts in many ways, even change our lives.


The Roles We Play
Historically, society has assigned men very specific roles, such as provider, leader, and disciplinarian. Do men identify with these? If not, what does that mean?


Our Dads
Many men have complicated relationships with their dads. Whether there was abuse in the household growing up or unwavering emotional support, a man’s relationship with his dad has a lasting impact.


Hobbies and Interests
The activities that men choose to do during their free time can say a lot about their true identities.  


Whether it’s their cars, their house, or their bodies, a man is responsible for investing time and effort daily in the constant work required to keep it all going.


Managing Stress
Stress is an inescapable fact of life; it can’t be eliminated, so a man must learn to accept it and master how to best deal with it.


Dealing With Fear
Though society discourages it, it’s inevitable that a man will experience fear. Fear is not a bad thing, but how a man expresses it can be.


It’s easy to focus on what we don’t have, but challenging ourselves to identify and acknowledge what we already have – and why it’s a good thing – can improve a man’s life tenfold.


Holiday Stress
From buying gifts to traveling to dealing with in-laws…the holidays can bring stress to a man’s life that is not experienced during any other time of year.  


A. Attendance Process

  • The submission window for meeting attendance for each monthly meeting will open the day following the previous meeting and will close 48 hours before the next meeting.
  • Attendees will only be able to sign up for one meeting at a time.
  • To attend a meeting, prospective attendees must click this link, complete the required form and submit their credit card information during the timeframe outlined above. If these steps are not completed within the timeframe outlined above, or the credit card that attendees enter is declined for any reason, said attendees will not be admitted to the meeting. In cases of credit card decline, the prospective attendees will be notified via email message.
  • Attendees will receive an email message from Mychal Ostler, meeting facilitator, about the meetings for which they successfully completed the attendance process at least 48 hours prior to said meetings, which will serve as a reminder and confirmation that said meetings will take place.

B. Attendance Fees

  • The attendance fee charged to each attendee is $60.00 USD and must be paid in full via credit card prior to the meeting as a provision for attendance (see above). This fee is subject to change. Notice of fee changes will be announced on this web page prior to the meeting following said fee change and will only be applied to future meetings.
  • No refunds of any kind are offered unless attendees provide due notice of their attendance withdrawal (see item D, below).

C. Expectations for Attendance

  • All attendees, regardless of race, ethnicity, background, or any other factor are expected to dress, behave, speak, and otherwise present themselves at all meetings in a professional, kind, courteous, respectful and supportive manner at all times.
  • Mychal Ostler, meeting facilitator, has the right to determine the definition of any of the terms above and determine the degree to which each attendee is adhering to the above expectations. 
  • At any time, for any reason or for no reason at all, Mychal Ostler, meeting facilitator, reserves the right to ask any or all attendees to leave the meeting before the scheduled end-time of said meeting or cancel said meeting, with or without notice. Refunds of meeting fees may or may not be offered to attendees who are asked to leave meetings.

D. Meeting/Attendance Cancellation/Rescheduling

  • Attendees may cancel their attendance with due notice, which is defined as any time following their completion of the attendance process and up to 48 hours prior to the meeting at which they intended to attend. Such due notice of cancellation will result in a full refund of the meeting fee paid by the attendee at Southern Wake Counseling Center’s earliest convenience. Refunds will be paid in the form of reimbursement of funds to the credit card that the attendee entered during their completion of the attendance process.
  • Mychal Ostler, meeting facilitator, reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any meeting for any or no reason. If he determines to do so, notice will be given to all attendees in the form of an email message to each attendee at Mychal’s earliest convenience. Neither Mychal, nor Southern Wake Counseling Center is responsible for an attendee’s failure to receive or view such messages in a timely manner.

E. Attendance Limits

  • The number of attendees that will be admitted to each meeting must be at least two and may not exceed eight. 
  • If the number of attendees to be attending any given meeting is confirmed to be less than two at 48 hours before said meeting is scheduled to take place, said meeting will be cancelled, refunds will be processed for the attendee (see above for details of this process) and notice will be given as soon as possible.
  • If the number of attendees to be attending any given meeting is confirmed to be more than eight at 48 hours before said meeting is scheduled to take place, a second meeting will be scheduled to discuss the same content as the first meeting in question for those attendees who completed the attendance process following the first eight prospective attendee submissions. Times and dates for said second meeting will be determined according to availability of Mychal Ostler, meeting facilitator and the before-mentioned attendees.

F. No Warranties/Guarantees

  • Meetings are created and facilitated for the purposes of offering attendees emotional support, guidance and education regarding the experiences of others and as these relate to mental health topics. However, no guarantees, refunds or warranties are offered for any of the information or proceedings described above. 
  • Meetings are created and facilitated for the purposes of offering attendees emotional support, guidance and education regarding the experiences of others and as these relate to mental health topics. However, no guarantees, refunds or warranties are offered for any of the information or proceedings described above. 
  • No meeting is intended to be or replace mental health or any other medical treatment or service of any kind. 

G. Confidentiality

  • Mychal Ostler, meeting facilitator and Southern Wake Counseling Center will make every effort to protect any information shared by attendees either in written or verbal form, and refrain from sharing said information with anyone besides the provider of said information. 
  • The only exception to the above may occur when Mychal or Southern Wake Counseling Center become concerned about an attendee’s physical safety or the safety of their dependents and deem it most appropriate to break confidentiality for the purpose of protecting attendees’ physical safety or the safety of their dependents. Mychal and Southern Wake Counseling Center reserves the right to refrain from notifying attendees that their confidentiality will be compromised.
  • Neither Mychal, nor Southern Wake Counseling Center claims to have any control or influence over attendees and their discretion in sharing with anyone information that they learn about their fellow attendees.

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